Tuesday night, President Obama hosted a state dinner for French President Francois Hollande. First Lady Michelle Obama wore a dress reported to cost $12,000 which drew the highest of praise from NBC News’ Shawna Thomas.

Thomas stood in awe at FLOTUS’ dress, and even hashtagged a tweet “#BOWDOWN”:

The mockery of yet another MSM member’s love affair with the Obamas kicked in fast, and the Thomas-inspired hashtag #BowDownWednesday soon followed.

Libs are now desperately attempting to disguise the mockery of sycophantic Obama-loving “journalists” as criticism of the mere fact that Michelle Obama wore a fancy dress to a state dinner:


Libs then pretend it’s just about the vacation (“ALL presidents take vacations”) in order to bury the fact that the mockery isn’t about the vacation, but rather the expensive trip taken by the same person who preaches “shared sacrifice.”

Twitchy founder, syndicated columnist and author Michelle Malkin adroitly described the Left’s reactionary protection strategy:

It’s actually the other way around but they have to pretend it isn’t.

Malkin continued:

The Left quickly circles the wagons when any sycophantic Obama-loving MSM journos are mocked because they realize their assets are under attack, which tends to only confirm the lib bias the MSM’s critics allege.

Remember when the Left never obsessed over the cost of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe? Neither do we:


This best sums it up: