The Department of Health and Human Services previously announced they’d be bringing in the “best and brightest” (a clear admission they didn’t come close to doing that the first time) to fix the glitch-ageddon that is

Furthermore, President Obama will hold a press conference in the Rose Garden tomorrow where he is expected to spin the effort as a “tech surge.” Wonder where they got that from?

Perhaps the administration thinks this will put them in an even better position to blame Bush when the eventual train wreck occurs.

Obama’s also going to have people standing behind him who look like they would know what they’d be talking about if they were allowed to speak, which will be intended as evidence Obamacare is working or something:

Of course!

All of the people joining Obama at the presser will probably have one thing in common:

White House’s version: “Good seats still available!”

Here’s the “easy to answer question of the day”:

Here’s how many reporters are expected to quote Obama’s promises back to Obama: