Staff Sgt. Ty Carter, a soldier from Fort Carson, will be awarded the Medal of Honor today for bravery and valor in Afghanistan in 2009.

Read more about Carter’s selfless actions here.

Carter acknowledged that being awarded the Medal of Honor doesn’t come without the unfortunate sacrifice of not only the recipient, but of many others:

The Army says Carter killed enemy troops, resupplied ammunition to American fighters, rendered first aid and risked his own life to save an injured soldier who was pinned down by a barrage of enemy fire.

Carter says he’s honored to be recognized for his bravery. But, he adds:

“Even though this award is an awesome honor and a great privilege, in order to get such a prestigious award, you have to be in a situation where your soldiers, your family, your brothers, are suffering and dying around you. And then, you just did everything you could to save lives or prevent further loss.”

Video: A fallen soldier’s mother pays tribute to Carter: