Serena Williams is a tennis superstar, a fashion icon and now a Lil Kim wannabe! Press play on the video below to listen to her newest single which is sure NOT to be a hit anytime soon.

WARNING: Upon pressing play, you realize you’re wasting valuable minutes of your day and that your ears may bleed.!/thinmint215/status/200953300261146625

LIAR!!! If we had to listen to it, so do you!!/AriChav/status/200953189074354178!/_BoneThug/status/200953305579536385!/sTyyLe_wiLD/status/200953339909914625!/Zo3hree5ive/status/200930752714645507!/melissa1014/status/200952877278167040!/Swiizzyy/status/200952574403289088!/i_Stay_Woke/status/200952574701088770

Surprisingly, there are actually SOME people who think her track sounded good.!/nonamalone313/status/200954543301865472!/NeenaCherry/status/200941955855818753

Ugh…and then there’s this tweet that is so true it makes us depressed.!/escoo/status/200920090194092032