Peter King pointed out that the New Orleans Saints are likely preparing for life without Jonathan Vilma by signing a number of linebackers. When Mr. Vilma saw what King was tweeting, he took it as a personal attack and fired back.!/JonVilma51/status/187319449509052416!/JonVilma51/status/187320051718819840

King then tried to calm things down a bit by telling everyone to blame the NFL for the investigation, not just some “glorified blogger.”!/SI_PeterKing/status/187359468701483008!/SI_PeterKing/status/187360127958003712

Vilma, however, wasn’t quite done tweeting…!/JonVilma51/status/187366596195516417!/JonVilma51/status/187366950924595201

The NFL and NFLPA are hoping to have a ruling soon on how to punish individual players for the roles they played in bountygate. Vilma is one of the players expected to have the harshest penalty.