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Mayor Eric Adams says he's got to get New Yorkers 'to eat a plant-based centered life'

We don’t follow New York City closely enough to know if there are reporters around trying to catch Mayor Eric Adams eating meat or something, but if you’ll listen to this short clip, you’ll hear him say about a half-dozen times that he eats a “plant-based centered life.” The tell comes at the end, though, when he says he’s got to get New Yorkers to share in that plant-based centered life.


That was two mayors ago when they were trying to get rid of large soft drinks.

We heard him say it over and over and we still don’t know what a “plant-based centered life” means.



We should neither know nor care what the mayor eats, and vice versa. Next up: A lot of crying over “food deserts” and a lack of access to fresh produce for city dwellers.


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