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No word if State of the Union will feature empty chairs for climate change, Clock Kid

As Twitchy reported, the White House upped the ante on its promise that President Obama’s final State of the Union Address would be “non-traditional” by releasing an organ-backed video suggesting we’re all in for a sermon Tuesday night. That much was obvious from the moment it leaked that there would be an empty chair in the first lady’s box to represent the victims of gun violence whose voices have been silenced.


We’d still prefer that the empty chair occupy the lectern, Clint Eastwood style, but quite a few have weighed in on alternative occupants of Michelle Obama’s empty chair.


The empty chair will have company.

We really like this idea for the “empty” chair — a victim of gun violence who survived an assassination attempt by an ISIS sympathizer:


National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson is sticking with the Clint Eastwood approach and leaving a empty lectern.

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