It will be just about impossible to find developments in the Michael Sussman trial Tuesday, but we did manage to find a few tweets that include some new finds, including an FBI agent who’s under internal investigation in the FBI’s probe of Operation Crossfire Hurricane. Agent Curtis Heide is being investigated for “withholding potentially exculpatory information in a FISA court application.”

Here’s the New York Times’ Adam Goldman with details:

The Alfa Bank case, which we’re sure you know was fabricated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign team and then leaked to the media and the FBI. You know, the Russian bank to which the Trump Organization had a secret backchannel server, according to Clinton.

Note the date: Heide messaged on Sept. 22, 2016, that the FBI was “leaning toward this being a false server.” By Halloween, Clinton was spreading around a press release about a “new report” exposing “Trump’s Secret Line of Communication to Russia.”

Yes, the source could have a bias to have brought this to the FBI right before the election.

This is not the first time we’ve heard of the “seventh floor” exerting its influence.

They knew Sussman was representing the DNC. How about that.

Mueller sure did miss a lot over the course of two years of investigating.