As Twitchy reported Tuesday, The New Yorker published a 9,000-word hit piece on Dan Bongino with input from such people as the president and CEO of Media Matters, which has promoted advertiser boycotts of Bongino’s show. To the writer’s credit, he did contact Bongino for comment, and CNN has a stake in the piece because it was penned by CNN contributor Evan Osnos.

He’s not lying about his footprint, but Stelter thought he’d weigh in:

Would CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” say, do a nuanced piece on hyperpartisan hate-news aggregator Bongino?


Stelter is CNN’s media reporter, but you never, ever hear him do a report on MSNBC’s Joy Reid — he’s devoted to watching Fox News only.

It looks like Stelter found someone besides Tucker Carlson to be jealous of.