We trust Seth Mandel, but we had to check for ourselves to be sure. In answer to the question, “Why are Republicans so obsessed with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” the editors of New York Magazine are compiling a book of essays on AOC that will be released February 1. As Mandel points out, there will be essays on subjects from AOC’s beauty to her social media greatest hits. Amazon’s description reads, in part:

An engaging, all-encompassing biography of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the bestselling tradition of Notorious RBG and Pelosi that explores her explosive rise and impact on the future of American culture and politics.

Also featuring a deep dive on “The Squad,” a lighthearted piece on the “total average-ness of her boyfriend,” as well as informative graphics and illustrations, Take Up Space offers a dynamic and comprehensive look at one of today’s most influential political and cultural icons.

Other essays look at how today’s teens see her as the politician of their futures and AOC’s “unprecedented position in American politics.” Yeah, remind us how many senators voted in favor of her Green New Deal legislation? Even its co-sponsors could only vote “present.” So influential.

They could do a blank book of photos of her trips to the border since Joe Biden was elected.