The Left seems to think that the only people who aren’t vaccinated are die-hard Trump supporters who are skipping the vaccine to own the libs and that the best way to address this is to either shame them as “morons” and “snowflakes” or use vaccine passports to exclude them from daily life or, even worse, terminate them from employment.

A high school biology teacher in Pierce County, Washington was recorded by one of her students going off on the unvaccinated, calling them “selfish” and accusing them of killing people.

Here’s Seattle’s Jason Rantz:

A student recorded a Pierce County teacher bullying him and his classmates into getting the COVID vaccine. The teacher blamed her unvaccinated students for “killing people” by being unvaccinated.

Tanner is a 10th-grader at Puyallup High School. He says his biology teacher became upset that some students were improperly wearing their masks. It set her off on a rant against her unvaccinated students. She called unvaccinated students “selfish” and said they weren’t welcome at school. She accused her unvaccinated students of killing people by spreading variants of the virus, warning them that they could “literally kill everyone on the planet.”

Tanner says his teacher’s COVID vaccine harassment was triggered when she saw some students with masks that dropped below their noses. When she asked them to wear it correctly, he said they did. But then the teacher started to lecture her students about vaccines.

They could “literally kill everyone on the planet.”

Here’s video:

She’s on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

We’re wary of the movement to put cameras in every classroom but understand it more every day.