There was some mystery Thursday night about where President Biden’s motorcade was going; they’d called a lid before 4 p.m. but then lifted it so the press pool could follow Biden to Walter Reed, where he visited with wounded warriors, including, we assume, the Marines caught in the suicide bombing at Kabul airport, one of whom is in critical condition. So good for him.

On Friday, Biden gave some schpiel about the job numbers not hitting expectations because of the Delta variant and then made himself scarce. As Twitchy reported earlier in the week, the FAA indicated that Biden and the first lady would be spending the holiday weekend in Delaware, and Reuters White House correspondent Steve Holland announced late Friday night that the Bidens had arrived in Delaware, after a long day in the saddle.

“Boots” reminds us of Ronald Reagan’s funeral and now we’re even more despondent.

We remember a CNN photographer camping out in the bushes in Florida to get a blurry shot of Trump playing golf, but no one wants to stake out Biden’s house and see who’s coming and going, seeing as he doesn’t keep visitors logs?

“Long day in the saddle.”