Bill Maher is one of those stopped clocks that’s right twice a day. In this monologue, he goes after “the college scam,” and part of the scam is the promise of free tuition. Maher’s smart enough to realize what so many have already argued; that “free college” will end up leading to people who make less money paying taxes to send those who make more money to school so they can make even more money.

The line from the tweet comes in around 1:45; note the pregnant pause before the audience bursts into applause. They weren’t sure if they were supposed to clap for that.

Sure, he takes a cheap shot at Florida, but his argument is pretty solid and a great refutation of the other arguments: that if you send people to college for free, it’ll pay for itself in increased productivity. And if you forgive student debt, all of those who owe it will be able to buy houses and have families and contribute to the economy. Like these people:

Having the government subsidize tuition is a sure way to lower it.

Yeah, we’re sick of hearing that one, too. We took out loans and paid them back, and so should you, since it was your choice to take out the loan.

“Information should be free.” That’s the kind of thing Sen. Elizabeth Warren would say … after being paid more than $400,000 to teach two courses over two years.

Yeah, we’re going with Maher on this one.

This rant reminds us of the tweeter who said that President Biden grew up when you could buy a house with a paper route. Life sure used to be easy.