If you’re watching President Biden Thursday night speaking about the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll probably note that 1) he’s taking a lot of cues from Operation Warp Speed and 2) making sure he doesn’t mention Operation Warp Speed. We’d heard before the speech went live that Biden was going to direct all states to open up vaccinations to all adults by May 1, which, much like his 100-day goal of immunizing 100 million Americans, is hardly ambitious.

More loneliness? How about opening the schools like you said you were going to do … that would alleviate some loneliness and even save lives.

And he just walked off while ignoring a question from a reporter … why were reporters even there?

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich and American Commitment’s Phil Kerpen are the ones to follow if you’re watching Biden:

He did say that, now that you mention it.

Good point.



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