As Twitchy readers know, Twitter announced on Friday that it has permanently banned President Trump from the platform “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.” Conservatives have also noted that they’re losing thousands to more than 100,000 followers over the course of a couple of days, although Twitter insists it’s just removing people who don’t confirm details like their email addresses and phone numbers.

Sarah Jeong, former member of the New York Times editorial board, wants to know when Twitter is banning Andy Ngo, who’s been called out a few times for referring to left-wing extremists as Antifa when they claim they’re just left-wing extremists with no connection to Antifa.

Yes, Ngo does post the mug shots of protesters who’ve been arrested, which as Willamette Week points out is perfectly legal, but it’s upended their lives having their mug shots posted on Twitter.

Like many who refuse to type out the name Trump or just call him “45,” Jeong didn’t even spell out Ngo’s name, but he managed to find her tweet anyway, and remind us all that, yes, Jeong is the woman who used Twitter hashtags like #CancelWhitePeople, obviously inspired by her hatred for “dumbass f**king white people” who ought to live underground “like groveling goblins.”

Yeah, there was no need for the quotation marks around racist tweets.

You can see why the Times editorial board was so anxious to have her on board.

Tim Pool knows what’s up:

Let’s see what sort of incitement Ngo is up to: