A lot of people are doing a lot of unlawful things at the U.S. Capitol today and being photographed doing them. Here’s someone making himself at home at what was thought to be Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk in the Capitol. Anthony Quintano is calling him a rioter; NBC News is calling him a Trump supporter. We can’t confirm he’s a Trump supporter, but we’ll go with “man” in the headline and simply note he’s in the Capitol building where he shouldn’t be.

We’re guessing no.

OK, that was a good joke in a bad situation.

This just in: According to NBC News’ Katy Tur, this is actually Pelosi’s assistant’s desk; we thought it looked a little cramped.

This clown’s taking a podium with him somewhere:

* * *


Is this the guy from Pelosi’s office? Yeah, this is the guy.