After Sen. Josh Hawley announced that he would object to the certification of the electoral votes on January 6, some social media person tweeted from the Walmart Twitter account that he was a “sore loser.” Democrats and media figures are calling Hawley’s plan “treason” and “sedition.” CNN’s Jake Tapper was disappointed in Hawley’s “stunt to join with the election conspiracy theorists.” But as plenty pointed out, Democrats objected to the election results in 2004 and 2016.

Former Sen. Barbara Boxer, who led the objection to the certification of George W. Bush’s 2004 win, was invited on CNN to explain how her objecting was completely different from Hawley objecting.

Again, nowhere in Hawley’s statement does he say he’s trying to overturn the election: He wants a look into both Pennsylvania changing its voting laws and social media giants like Facebook and Twitter actively censoring stories to boost the Biden campaign. Sounds reasonable.

As we just said, read Hawley’s statement.