Portland’s in great shape. Remember when CNN fact-checker Jason Campbell disproved President Trump’s claim that the city was aflame with riots by posting a photo of the park where he was enjoying his morning breakfast burrito without even being “attacked by shadowy gangs of Antifa commandos”? Maybe if he’d gone downtown where the fires were actually burning his fact-check might have gone differently.

Take Mississippi Avenue, for example. We’re hearing from the Portland Tribune’s Zane Sparling that protesters there are erecting a new “autonomous zone” in response to a family being evicted.

The recent scenes in Paris were not good.

Wonder what that big pile of rocks is for.

What? It was like the Summer of Love in Seattle until Mayor Jenny Durkan had to cave and tear down CHAZ/CHOP because people were being shot to death there.

How long will Portland let this fortress stand? The police were “forced back”?