As Twitchy reported Tuesday, CNN’s Brianna Keilar presented a list of “GOP senators who haven’t congratulated Biden.” Apparently, that’s a must, though we’ve never heard of such a list before in any election.

According to an email obtained by The Federalist, Black Lives Matter has reached out to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to congratulate them on their election. The email also let Biden and Harris know that blacks “want something for our vote.”

The Federalist reports:

According to [co-founder Patrisse] Cullors, a Democratic victory would not have happened “without the resounding support of Black people.”

“In short, Black people won this election,” she said, noting the group’s efforts to “vote and organize.” “Alongside Black-led organizations around the nation, Black Lives Matter invested heavily in this election.”

Cullors claimed that Biden and Harris, who both ran on a platform that mentioned addressing systemic racism, owed it to the movement to act on their rhetoric and further the work of “Black liberation.”

“We want something for our vote,” she said. “We want to be heard and our agenda to be prioritized.”

For all of those media pundits who dismissed the idea that Biden’s ideas were anything close to socialism, the Marxists at Black Lives Matter claim he owes them his victory and want their agenda prioritized — and anyone who’s read Black Lives Matter’s agenda at its website knows that agenda reaches far beyond police reform.

Plenty of corporations, and especially the social media platforms and professional sports leagues, got behind the cause of Black Lives Matter, but their support seems to have dried up a little. Will a President Biden prioritize the Black Lives Matter agenda? He said it was a lie that he ever wanted to defund the police — will Black Lives Matter settle for his plan to train police to shoot attackers in the leg?