As Twitchy reported earlier, Joe Biden arrived in Kenosha, Wisconsin to a rather reserved welcome, which a reporter said was “deliberate.” One of Biden’s stops was Grace Lutheran Church, where he held a “community meeting” that left plenty of room for social distancing. Surprisingly, Biden did take questions from Kenosha residents, but one resident seemed to give the game away by opening, “I was told to go off this paper but I can’t.”

Here are the woman’s full remarks for context:

That seems to be the Democrats’ go-to excuse this week.

Definitely watch the whole clip; it’s worth it.

This reminds us Biden earlier this week having staff members calling on reporters for questions when there were probably only half-a-dozen reporters there due to the Biden campaign’s strict rules on social distancing.

* * *


According to the Biden campaign, the woman’s talking points came from her own organization, Black Lives Activists Kenosha. Still watch the video, though.