It looks like Bill de Blasio’s pet Black Lives Matter mural in Manhattan wasn’t the only thing hit with red paint; vandals also went after “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling’s handprint.

And look, they even planted a little transgender pride flag next to their work, seeing as what got Rowling canceled were her statements like “sex is a biological fact” and Twitter hashtags supporting a woman who’d been fired for supposedly anti-trans social media posts. Vox asked if Rowling had destroyed “the legacy of Harry Potter with a single, transphobic tweet.” This tweet:

Rowling hasn’t backed down — she passed on an offer from GLAAD to facilitate a discussion with members of the trans community and she’s mocked those who’ve distanced themselves from her by removing their names from a letter they’d co-signed about progressive cancel culture.

But paint on her handprint? She’s finished now.


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