Joe Biden doesn’t leave his home TV studio except to maybe color Easter eggs. In a way, the COVID-19 lockdown has been a blessing for his campaign; he’s not traversing the country and forgetting which state he’s in, he can sit down most of the time, and he can have his notecards right in front of him anytime he makes a TV appearance. It’s like his own little Oval Office.

About those TV appearances, though; they certainly do set up the possibility that a debate between Biden and President Trump could be fireworks. Trump’s out there doing daily press briefings on the coronavirus that sometimes last more than two hours, while Biden often seems to be struggling to finish a thought.

With the possibility that the COVID-19 lockdown might last into the summer — some governors have already pushed back stay-at-home orders until mid-June — will there even be presidential debates this campaign season? Jesse Kelly says no way.

It really is. But maybe CNN would host it anyway; back in February, Chris Cuomo, who recently emerged from his basement quarantine, hosted a town hall with candidate Bernie Sanders despite having a fever.

“Candidate Joe Biden said he believes he needs to set an example for the country by not leaving his basement until a vaccine is developed and so will only debate President Trump online.”

Is Donna Brazile going to give out the questions in advance again?

Frightening but very plausible.

What do you think? Will we all be locked down through debate season, and will they try to do some sort of online town hall instead? Or will we actually see Trump and Biden on stage together?