President Trump is under fire for his Monday night coronavirus press briefing in which he talked about a need to balance containing the coronavirus with putting people back to work and restarting the economy, warning that the cure could be worse than the problem, leading to hunger, homelessness, suicides, and more. Media hacks have said he’s set a “deadline” for Easter to get the economy roaring again, even though he only said he’d “love to have the country opened up and raring to go” by then.

NewsBusters reports that “The View’s” Sunny Hostin floated the idea Tuesday morning that the reason Trump is so anxious to get life back to normal is that his hotels are losing money as people have stopped traveling.

NewsBusters quotes Hostin as saying:

When you look at Trump’s personal businesses, you know that he is losing almost $500,000 a day because 6 out of his 7 hotels are losing money. They are shuttered every day, and that is why our Founding fathers put the emoluments clause into the Constitution, because our president should be more concerned about the lives of Americans rather than lining his own pockets and I think that’s what this is really about!

Here’s video:

It’s not like Trump has ever lost money on real estate before.

She’s onto Trump … it’s all about his hotel businesses.


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