We almost thought this video wasn’t real, and then we almost didn’t believe the headline as we were typing it. If you want to know what has New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio concerned Monday night, it’s that President Trump called COVID-19 in a tweet the Chinese virus:

Keep in mind, this is the mayor who on Friday doubled down on his decision not to close New York City public schools … and then on Sunday announced that schools would be closed until April 20. He’s also the mayor who sneaked in a visit to the gym before Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s ban on gyms went into effect at 8 p.m. Why? Because he has to make decisions for the people of New York City, and he needs to be in good health to do that. No, he really said that.

De Blasio himself just announced an executive order giving the city the power to close all commercial gyms.

But how is he going to be able to make decisions if he can’t have his SUV driver take him a few blocks to his favorite gym?

There was “almost no one” at the gym because everyone else was told to stay home and not risk spreading the virus.

No, de Blasio lives in his own world and plays by his own rules.


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