We know a lot more about James Comey now that Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report has been released, but if Comey hadn’t been fired, we’d never have known what a weird, sanctimonious guy he is. His tweets aren’t nearly as bad as John Brennan’s, but he’s working at it.

Someone somewhere (maybe Christopher Steele) told Comey that President Trump’s supporters don’t pay attention to his tweets. They do, but certainly not to the extent that the mainstream media does; how many segments of his show has CNN’s Brian Stelter devoted to Trump’s tweets and even his typos?

As if Comey were someone you’d take advice from, on Saturday night he urged Trump supporters not to look away from his Twitter feed and ask themselves if that’s who they want their kids to be. Maybe not, but they certainly don’t want their kids to be little James Comeys either.