We know from CNN’s Chris Cillizza himself that journalists don’t root for a side, and during Monday’s impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, the sight of “adults yelling at one another” was “unwatchable” to him — but he watched anyway because he gets paid to.

Even CBS News declared that Monday’s hearing wasn’t exactly “pay-per-view material”:

By “doesn’t advance the ball” seems to be code for, “This hearing didn’t help the Democrats in their case.”

Did Cillizza happen to watch it on Fox News? Because that’s what they pay Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter to watch.

It might seem like a pretty bold statement that no one watching cared out today’s hearing; quite the contrary — the few people who watched it are the ones who cared about it, while most Americans went about their daily lives, enjoying a booming economy as a bonus.


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