In an interview with BuzzFeed, former Des Moines Register reporter Aaron Calvin — the one who dug up Carson King’s tweets from eight years earlier in a story about King donating a million dollars to a children’s hospital — played the victim and blamed “right-wing ideologues” for his downfall.

He’s already tweeted to express thanks for all the support he’s received, but he’s still going, and he’s released a statement in which he states that, yes, his editors approved the piece before it ran, and also that he’s a straight white male so he knows he has privilege on his side that he wouldn’t were he a person of color.

ABC News picked up the statement, which reads in part:

Calvin said he apologizes for his past tweets. “Many of them are inappropriate and I wouldn’t have published them today, though I contend that most were simply unfortunate, removed from context or the result of an attempt at ironic humor and by no means a meaningful reflection of my values.”

Although he does not think it is fair that he was “publicly pushed” from his job, “I’m still a straight white man who has enjoyed a great deal of privilege in my life due to this fact of my birth and what I have suffered through this ordeal does not compare to what journalists who are women, LGBTQ, or people of color suffer on a much more routine basis,” he said.

He still sounds like a garbage person, though.