Hey, remember when Antifa first made the scene and luminaries such as CNN’s Chris Cuomo likened them to Allied soldiers storming the beach at Normandy to take on the Nazis?

Well, the “Nazis” have gotten on their little buses and left Portland, but that doesn’t mean that the party’s over. Antifa and their hangers-on are still cluttering the streets of Portland, and seeing as it’s the police who are in charge of keeping people out of the street and on the sidewalk, it’s the police who are now getting the worst of it from Antifa.

Here’s one anti-fascist telling police to kill themselves:

And here’s Antifa harassing black police officers:

But remember, they’re just like World War II veterans.

Oh no, that woman taunting the black cop got herself arrested:

In case you missed it (or we missed it) in the other threads, here are some more highlights of Saturday’s “counter-protest.”

And it looks like police are retreating?