She’s already been tossed aside, reportedly for not being aggressive enough (and woke enough), but former Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen gave up the game early when she admitted abortion was Planned Parenthood’s “core mission.”

Margaret Sanger’s acolytes have already been burned with their claim that Planned Parenthood provides life-saving mammograms, so they’ve been keeping quiet about that nonexistent service. Live Action decided to put them to the test over another claim by its leadership and its supporters in Congress: that Planned Parenthood provides important prenatal care, particularly to low-income women.

Listen in:

Hey, they only receive half a billion dollars a year in federal funding; how would they be expected to pay for prenatal vitamins?

Speaking of, Vox “journalist” Aaron Rupar still has never taken down that tweet claiming that those undercover videos of Planned Parenthood brokering body parts were “misleadingly edited” (even though the Fifth Circuit Court confirmed the opposite). See? Still up: