Remember way back when Hillary Clinton and her female supporters proudly co-opted the phrase “Nasty Woman” and wore Nasty Woman T-shirts as a symbol of empowerment?

And do you remember when those same nasty women came apart at the seams on election night and recounted how they lay on the floor of the Javits Center sobbing or went to the restrooms to vomit? Remember actress Amber Tamblyn had a panic attack and envisioned having to give her unborn baby to Canadians or Swedes (not Mexicans?) to save it from a Trump presidency.

And remember those same nasty women chopping off all their hair or dying it black? Some women found they could no longer date, and Salon was reported on the very real illness known as “Post-Trump Sex Disorder.”

We bring up all those memories because The Washingtonian just published a piece not just on Trump trauma and the uptick in therapist visits around D.C., but the struggles those very same therapists are going through dealing with their own Trump trauma.

Britt Peterson writes:

On Election Day in 2016, psychologist Julie Bindeman put on a white pantsuit, the outfit of choice for hardcore Hillary Clinton voters. She went to work excited about the prospect of America’s first female President. Like many therapists in Washington—in fact, all but one of those I contacted, at random, for this story—Bindeman votes Democratic. The following morning, she cried in the shower and had trouble preparing herself for the day.

Once at work, Bindeman saw seven clients, all but one of whom wanted to talk about Donald Trump’s surprise win. “I had clients who were traumatized” by it, Bindeman says. “And having to hear it all day, there was an element of trauma that my colleagues and I experienced.” She left the office completely overwhelmed.

This wasn’t the first time local therapists experienced such universal trauma while on the clock, but it clearly doesn’t happen often—several compared the day after the election to 9/11 in terms of the mood in their office.

Remember how often Republicans likened Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012 to the 9/11 attacks when some people did something? Never. The answer is never.

Didn’t you hear? Tomorrow’s “Mueller Time!” Again.

By the way, it’s July 2019 and stories like this are still being published.