We’re not sure when or where this was taken — One Fair Wage, which describes its mission as trying to fix the restaurant industry’s broken two-tiered wage system, hasn’t tweeted in months — but it couldn’t have been too long ago if Rashida Tlaib is speaking as a member of Congress.

In this video, posted by America Rising, Tlaib says that a $15 minimum wage should have been the starting point, and what restaurant workers should be fighting for is $18 to $20 an hour.

She does say that eggs and milk are getting more expensive (wonder why?), so absolutely, raise the minimum wage and get rid of tipping altogether, considering its long racist history.

Yeah, economic genius Bernie Sanders just cut his staff’s hours until it worked out to $15.

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We’d missed this on her feed, but Tlaib (accompanied by a cameraman) worked for a whole hour waitressing, for which she still made around $87 an hour on the taxpayers’ dime.