The mainstream media will never give him credit, but Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas has a great grasp of social media and is quick on his feet, which means will never see that debate between him and his colleague Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

You might have heard that journalist Benny Johnson recently took a gig as chief creative officer for Turning Point USA, which recently held an event at the University of Arizona featuring Crenshaw. Behold some soy boy who can’t stop playing pocket pool long enough to make his statement claiming TPUSA is a Nazi organization and Crenshaw should be ashamed of his service in Afghanistan.

The man lost an eye and can still pull off the eye roll of the century. Too bad the kid didn’t stick around long enough to see it; maybe he was late for the healing circle in the university’s designated safe space.

How about Haley/Crenshaw 2024 and Crenshaw 2032?