Twitchy reported earlier on Luke Thompson and his continuing investigation into why Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s boyfriend has an official House email address, and he’s now claiming that a liberal Super PAC paid her boyfriend $6,000 during the campaign at a time when it was deeply in debt.

We didn’t expect the mainstream media to jump on the story and start asking questions — the Washington Post noted that right-wing trolls were bound to target Ocasio-Cortez’s love life because they’re obsessed with her — but the Washington Examiner has pounced on the story and given some much-needed exposure.

Becket Adams writes:

During the 2018 election, her campaign funneled payments to Brand New Congress PAC, which in turn funneled payments to Brand New Congress LLC, which then made payments to her boyfriend, Riley Roberts, meaning the then-candidate effectively funneled money back to herself, according to Federal Election Commission filings compiled this week by GOP operative Luke Thompson.

As if that weren’t shady and ethically dubious enough, Brand New Congress PAC, which carried Ocasio-Cortez’s fledgling campaign to victory, was co-founded by her current chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, who served formerly as her campaign chairman.

Adams noted that her office did not respond to a request for comment, but Ocasio-Cortez did eventually address Thompson’s charges via Twitter:

Now that’s clapback.

We’re old enough to remember Gary Hart inviting the press to follow him around, and we all know how well that went for him. And now Ocasio-Cortez is inviting the press to vet the story — but will they, or is this tweet good enough?

All this business about her boyfriend is a witch hunt! A witch hunt!