As Twitchy reported Friday, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell put to rest the idea that a citizenry armed with “assault rifles” could seriously take on the government, which has nuclear weapons at its disposal.

So … “common ground” for Swalwell means confiscating guns under the threat of a nuclear strike? The thing is, we know he’s exaggerating to make a point, but it’s still a frightening point: here’s an elected representative who wants to ban guns reminding the public that the government could easily put down any revolution with its own superior firepower. So he’s not against guns; he just wants only the government to have them to keep dissenters in line.

Of course, Max Boot, the Washington Post’s “conservative” columnist who encouraged Republicans to vote a straight Democrat ticket in the 2018 midterms, considered Swalwell’s threat of overwhelming government firepower “courageous and principled.”

Keep in mind when Swalwell writes about a “buy-back,” earlier this year he wrote that it’s necessary to “ban assault weapons, buy them back, [and] go after resisters.”