This just won’t die, will it? First, there was a “House popular vote,” and now there’s a “Senate popular vote,” and both of them somehow prove that the Constitution has to be rewritten to eliminate the Senate.

George Takei lives in California and, in an illuminating tweet, points out that his state only gets two senators even though it has a lot more people than small, rural, red states.

So the GOP controls the Senate because each state gets the same number of senators? So maybe we should just do away with the Senate so the GOP can’t control it. Or, we could have two legislative bodies, one of which allocates representatives by population.

Maybe Takei should go check on how that $77 billion bullet train project is coming along; we’d heard it had been delayed … until 2033. But be careful not to step on any hypodermic needles or human feces on the way there. Oh, and could you please decide policy for every state in the nation?

Like we keep saying, the Electoral College and the Senate never seemed to bother anybody until Hillary lost and the blue wave didn’t happen.