It was just a few days ago that The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald was asking the same question: even after sites like Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight started throwing around the suggestion that these were the “Moscow Midterms,” Democrats just seemed to drop the Russian collusion investigation like a hot rock.

Greenwald found the Democrats’ sudden silence on Russian interference “noteworthy and revealing given the gravity of their accusations.” Wasn’t Putin essentially controlling the outcome of the election and using President Trump as his puppet?

Now Sharyl Attkisson is asking the same question:

It’s pretty obvious how the Democrats have all pivoted back to health care and people with preexisting conditions. Where did all the other topics go?

Yeah, the Parkland gun control activists were supposed to be front-and-center this election. Guess people got tired of that.

Yeah, what happened after all those school walkouts the media covered? Do the Democrats not care about the DREAMers anymore? Guess they weren’t polling well.