As Twitchy reported, a handful of Republican senators had their personal information, such as home phone numbers and addresses, published on Wikipedia this week as they were questioning SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh about allegations of sexual assault. The IP address suggested that the edits were coming from a computer in the House of Representatives.

Word got around that the edits had been made by a staffer in Rep. Maxine Waters’ office.

Waters, who has encouraged her constituents to mob political opponents in public and private, vehemently denied the claims in press release issued Saturday:

“Lies, lies, and more despicable lies. I am utterly disgusted by the spread of the completely false, absurd, and dangerous lies and conspiracy theories that are being pedaled by ultra-right wing pundits, outlets, and websites who are promoting a fraudulent claim that a member of my staff was responsible for the release of the personal information of Members of the United States Senate on Wikipedia. This unfounded allegation is completely false and an absolute lie.

Waters claims that the U.S. Capitol Police and an IT staffer determined that the IP address did not belong to any of her staffers … but maybe the FBI should investigate just in case.

She really did seem to overreact in that press release, going on an angry and unprofessional rant blaming the “ultra-right wing.”

Seriously: does this woman seem to have the temperament to be a member of Congress?


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