Would you believe that someone in the United States illegally would use an alias to get hired? In a development that will shock no one, the Associated Press reported Wednesday that Cristhian Bahena Rivera, accused of stalking and murdering college student Mollie Tibbetts, was hired under and worked under a false name: John Budd.

Too bad there weren’t any red flags about this guy. The AP reports:

Farm officials have said Rivera presented an out-of-state photo identification and a Social Security number when he was hired in 2014, and they believed he was the person depicted in those documents until his arrest last month.

The farm did not use the government’s voluntary E-Verify system, which allows companies to confirm the identity and eligibility of employees to work in the U.S. Farm manager Dane Lang has apologized for a mistake in falsely claiming to have used E-Verify in an initial statement on Rivera’s Aug. 21 arrest, hours after he allegedly led police to Mollie Tibbetts’ body in a nearby cornfield.

So “John Budd” was using fake ID along with being in the country illegally? If it didn’t sound so racist, we’d admit that’s one reason we’re not thrilled that California issued close to a million driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants last year.

Yep, it took the AP two whole paragraphs to mention that the farm’s owners are Republicans, even if the political affiliation of Bob Menendez slipped the media’s minds during his trial.