As Twitchy told you earlier Wednesday, every journalist in the world decided to take President Trump out of context in their tweets about him claiming that “Germany is totally controlled by Russia” — leaving out, of course, the fact that he was talking specifically about Germany’s dependence on Russian oil.

The Washington Post whipped up a piece about Trump “attacking” Germany in Brussels and made a special point about the reactions of the other members of the administration at the table … doing a Zapruder film-style analysis of the video and going so far as to consult a political science professor who is “certified in the Facial Action Coding System used by experts to break down human facial movement.”

The best part, though, is the statement White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave the Post when asked for comment on White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly “pursing his lips tightly.”


Yes, it’s a joke. Read The Washington Post’s piece, and when you get to Sanders’ statement at the bottom, it’s pretty clear. Guess not everyone found it as funny as we did, though.

It’s a wonder that the Trump administration doesn’t treat the press with the same respect they afford him … oh wait, he does, and they don’t care for it.

Cool it, Fonzie.

No, this is an official White House statement about a newspaper’s story based around a certified facial expression interpreter analyzing a few seconds of video. “Of course, it’s impossible to say exactly what was going through the minds of Trump’s aides,” the paper allows. But they did their best to make something up.