Isn’t it weird when progressives suddenly start digging out Bibles and quoting Scripture to so-called evangelical Christian conservatives (you know, the ones who cling bitterly to their guns and Bibles)?

Of course, the current hysteria started when Attorney General Jeff Sessions this week quoted Romans 13 to justify the Trump administration’s immigration policy that has children of illegal immigrants “ripped” from their parents’ arms. That has the Left scrambling to counter Sessions, and has resulted in bizarre sightings like this one:

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi is going to do a fact-check on what Jesus would do about illegal immigration? By reading from the Bible? Strange times.

To be fair, people with a lot more authority when it comes to Christianity are speaking up, although we’re not sure we like the can of worms Cardinal Timothy Dolan opened when he said we shouldn’t obey laws that go against what God intends.

That reminds us … didn’t Pope Francis himself have something to say about abortion today?

Huh … wonder how much play that will get on MSNBC? Is late-term abortion a law that God intended? Will Cardinal Dolan be invited back on to discuss?