We’ve already seen CNN’s Don Lemon try to tie Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet to President Trump, and we were pretty certain that wouldn’t be the last of the media’s hot takes on the subject.

Stepping up to the plate later on Tuesday was MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who decided he knew what Barr’s fatal flaw was.

So that was the problem; Roseanne was just representative of “a significant chunk” of the Trump base.

Why yes … yes, it is.

Well, that was magnanimous of Hayes to walk back “a significant chunk of the Trump base” to “a repeat Trump rally-goer” in just one tweet.

But seriously … she’s like “a full-out … MAGA head”? Since when?

Now tell us that 18 million people tuned in to the show’s revival hoping for racist jokes and comedic riffs on “Pizzagate.”

What we want to know is if Hayes has any news on Joy Reid’s hackers. Speaking of conspiracy theories, that one’s gone pretty quiet.