We’d thought CNN and other mainstream media outlets had already done President Trump’s diet to death, what with stories about two scoops of ice cream and 12 Diet Cokes a day, not that anyone cared.

Apparently seeing a gap in coverage, Business Insider’s Dennis Green spent a week eating “foods that Trump has been photographed eating, has said in interviews that he eats, or has been reported to eat regularly.” Wasn’t this bit played out in 2004’s “Super Size Me”?

The Washington Examiner picked up on the story as well.

Green photographed every meal, or what was left of it after he gave it his best, and kept a diary.

I’m feeling super sluggish — much more so than on a usual Monday. I wonder whether it’s my horrible diet. Trump doesn’t drink tea or coffee, so I crack open a Diet Coke at 11 a.m. I hate what I’ve become, but I finish the can anyway. I find it hard to drink one, let alone 12.

Day 7. Honestly, I don’t know how much more I can take of the punishment. The thought of bacon, eggs, or any kind of breakfast sandwich in the morning makes me gag, so I grab an oatmeal bar from the office kitchen instead. It tastes like release.

“I can’t say I learned a lot about Trump,” Green concludes, “but I definitely learned something about myself.” Pretty compelling stuff.

A lot of people eat like President Trump does — a point driven home by a New York Times piece on the president’s upcoming physical.

Moreso than the reporter trying his first-ever Egg McMuffin?


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