Al Gore, perhaps tweeting from one of his enormous houses or a private jet, already weighed in on a news story that President Trump is getting ready to roll back Obama-era restrictions on offshore drilling, just to prop up a “dying” fossil fuel industry.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi also weighed in and for a change had a much more hysteric take than the climate oracle himself. Then again, she’s been practicing, calling the GOP tax bill “Armageddon” and “the end of the world,” so it’s not like she’s left herself a lot of wiggle room.

Speaking of the GOP tax bill, remember when the Democrat talking points went out and suddenly “looting” was the word of the day? Now Trump, by easing restrictions on drilling, is “looting our environment.”

So now giving people a tax cut is “looting the Treasury” and drilling for oil is “looting the planet.”

So, what’s the Democrats’ plan?


Al Gore: Offshore drilling is just propping up a DYING fossil fuel industry