Considering the current mental state of many who supported Hillary — Rosie O’Donnell worries she literally might not survive the Trump years — we’re not putting a lot of stock into what Linda Sarsour has to say about the state of the nation psychologically thanks to the Women’s March.

Usually, we count on Sally Kohn to say something ridiculous, but instead, she handed over her “State of Resistance” podcast to Linda Sarsour, who had this to say.

Stick with us here … she might have a point. Sure, millions of women gathered in D.C. after the inauguration, many of them wearing knit pussy hats, to hear luminaries such as Madonna fantasize about blowing up the White House. Maybe it was better, psychologically, for the attendees to have an outlet where they could gather together to show their hatred for Donald Trump.

Should they have gotten over it by now, though? Absolutely.

So, where would America be psychologically had there been no Women’s March?

Find out more on Kohn’s podcast!

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