OK, on second thought, maybe this isn’t quite a hot take … it’s more of a warmed-over take, a rehash of the idea that if blacks bought guns (and they do), the GOP and NRA would suddenly find reasons to support comprehensive gun control.

This time, though, the idea is coming from the author of “The Atheist Muslim,” Ali A. Rizvi. Check this out awesome use of 280 perfectly good characters:

Um, no. We’d happily take 3 million Muslim Americans genuinely for the Second Amendment over one white New York Times columnist floating the idea of repealing the Second Amendment. Of course, these 3 million would have to pass background checks — they can’t just go out and buy firearms that easily — and comply with open-carry laws before posing at malls.

Does Rizvi really think it’s that simple? And does he really think gun rights advocates would have a problem with Muslim Americans who respected those rights and were willing to fight to defend them?


Better yet, just stop tweeting until you’ve actually talked to some people outside the bubble.

Hey, they might even decide to join the NRA to help ensure their right to gun ownership is protected.

About that picture Rizvi used to illustrate his tweet, though:

* * *


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