Vox reporter Jeff Stein was hanging out at the Trump International Hotel Wednesday afternoon, almost as though he were expecting something to happen there … aside from all the old, white people being old and white and quiet.

And then came the bullhorns.

That should help their cause — you can practically see opinions on DACA evolving with each new ear-piercing siren.

Stein reported at Vox:

About 30 immigration activists made 5 p.m. dinner reservations on Wednesday for the restaurant on the first floor of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.

They entered dressed in suits, wearing ties and khakis. They snuck two bullhorns and 30 noisemakers in briefcases, as well as dozens of pamphlets and a banner reading, “Immigrants are #HereToStay”

Then the protesters, organized by the United We Dream advocacy group, rose out of their tables and started yelling in unison. They unfurled the banner. “No justice, no peace,” they chanted.

“We felt we needed to disrupt Trump’s personal world just a little bit, given how much he had disrupted ours,” said Gustavo, one activist organizing the protest, adding he would not give his last name for fear of government reprisal.

Way to reach people having a cocktail after work. Maybe there’s another way to go about advocating for children of illegal immigrants … what did all these people do back when President Obama couldn’t get Congress to pass the DREAM Act?

The party was moved outside pretty quickly.

Something tells us we’ll be getting a lot more of this … until the next leftist outrage takes over the cable news cycle.


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