Well, this is awkward. Some remember President Barack Obama as young and fit, running laps around the White House with Joe Biden right alongside. We tend to remember him more riding in a golf cart, biking in mom jeans, and going 2 for 22 in free-throws at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Mostly, we didn’t worry about Obama’s physical fitness — it was his policies that had us cringing. But Politico Magazine on Tuesday raised the question of President Trump’s physical fitness and what it means for the country.

Ben Strauss writes:

In the modern history of American presidents, no occupant of the Oval Office has evinced less interest in his own health. He does not smoke or drink, but his fast-food, red meat-heavy diet, his aversion to exercise and a tendency to gorge on television for hours at a time put him at odds with his predecessors.

Presidents have long established standards of vigor and healthful living with their individual passions—Ford skied, Reagan rode horses, Carter liked to work on his farm—but Trump has managed to dispense with this unspoken obligation of the presidency as easily as he has every other White House norm. Indeed, Trump has broken with the tradition of displaying athleticism as a signal to the public that all was well with the world’s most important political body.

If a display of athleticism is necessary to let the public know all is well in the White House, then it’s probably a good thing that FDR did what he could to keep his polio under wraps, and we’re at a loss to know how President Hillary Clinton would keep the nation at ease — maybe we’d see some of those classified yoga routines after all?

What does Politico Magazine think the qualifying event should be for Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders? Maybe the two could just arm wrestle rather than debate. Or is it OK to suggest they’re both simply too old to be president and fulfill that “unspoken obligation” of physical activity?

* * *