As Twitchy reported, House Democrats have presented a list of demands they expect to be met if Republicans want to avoid a government shutdown. For one, they say they won’t accept any Republican budget proposal that funds President Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico.

That threat — or attempt at a threat — has a lot of politicians and pundits speculating Monday night about the wall, which obviously was a central campaign promise and many expected to be under construction by now.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, for one, made it pretty clear that there isn’t going to be a wall, or at least one solid wall from coast-to-coast. At this point, he says, the “wall” is more of a catch-all term for border security.

Lindsey Graham says a lot of things, but it seems that President Trump would be OK with moving the fight over funding the border wall, whatever it might turn out to look like, to the fall.

That’s a bit of a come-down … instead of a big, beautiful wall, Republican senators are now talking about a down-payment on some vague improvement to border security. Could some of the “wall” actually be strategically placed blimps and motion detectors instead of concrete?

That’s not what Trump promised, but as his approval numbers seem to show, the vast majority of those who voted for him aren’t regretting it. Some are demanding the wall, while others are fine without it if border security can be beefed up in other ways.

Mickey Kaus is pretty sure Trump had better deliver the wall he promised.

Being 100 percent opposed to everything is the way of the resistance. But who doesn’t like drones?

Trump had dinner with Graham and Sen. John McCain earlier tonight … wonder if they talked about that border wall that Graham is 100 percent sure will never be built.