The big political news Saturday was, of course, President Donald Trump’s accusation, via a series of tweets, that the Obama administration had tapped the phones at Trump Tower last October.

CNN, the news network that actually entertained on air the idea of a black hole swallowing up Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, was having none of it, with the network’s own Brian Stelter tweeting a screen capture of the network’s “blunt” headline.

That really was fast.

Stelter, host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” clearly was on board with the network’s take.

Earlier in the day, Stelter subtweeted other news media over their coverage of Trump’s “conspiratorial” tweets, but CNN’s really in no place at the moment to be lecturing other outlets on political coverage.

Is that so? It’s true that Twitter’s 140-character limit has managed to trip up even sitting senators and keep them from being “precise” when it comes to presenting the facts.