Remember that assistant professor who took on the challenge of compiling a list of fake news sites? Her list disappeared for a bit while librarians and other super-smart volunteers pitched in to really do it up right.

Well, the list is back online, and Red Alert Politics does not appear anywhere on it, so we know they don’t traffic in fake news. That would suggest, then, that “We Can Do It,” as they reported Wednesday, really is the worst anti-Trump feminist video ever.

Ryan Girdusky mansplains that while the video hits all of the requisite notes — vaginas, old white men, the patriarchy, vaginas — writer and producer Melissa Gordon managed to produce something “both comical and incredibly sad.”

We gave it a look, and, well, let’s just say no one died … yet. Maybe it’s like the cursed video in “The Ring” and the effect takes a week to kick in.

Does this gem count as a feminist anti-Trump video? Because if it does, it’s by far the worst ever created, agreed?